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Scripophily Gallery: Old stock and bond certificates from the transportation industry

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Transportation Stock and Bond Certificates

Chrysler Corporation, Delaware, USA, 1970: $1,000 Sinking Fund Debenture certificate featuring the famous "Chrysler" radiator cap flanked by allegorical female character and company logos. Also includes traffic scenes showing old trucks and vintage cars in the background. Walter P. Chrysler, formerly of Buick and Willys, acquired Maxwell-Chalmers in 1923 and the first car bearing his name was produced in 1924. Chrysler laid the foundations for a motor empire to rival General Motors and Ford when he took over Dodge and launch the Plymouth Four and the De Soto Six in 1928.
Punch cancelled. Scarce. VF+
Red (12" x 8") $95.00

Great Lakes Aircraft Corporation, Delaware, 1930s: Share certificate with unique vignette depicting the loading of a biplane at a busy airport. Based in Chicago, Illinois, this manufacturer sold most of its aircraft to the government and Postal Service.
Uncancelled. Rare. VF
No. 2051 Green (7" x 12") $350.00

International Mercantile Marine Company, New Jersey, 1930s: Share certificate with impressive harbor vignette featuring a "Titanic" Class ocean liner, barges, tugboats and loading docks. This holding company was organized in 1902 by the master of monopolies, J. P. Morgan, to take over the lucrative transatlantic market. Among others, it owned the entire capital stock of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company (which operated the White Star Line) and financed the construction of the "unsinkable" Titanic. A luxurious suite was built for Morgan on the infamous liner, but a bad flu kept him from boarding on the maiden voyage!
Punch cancelled. VF
No. 1227 Orange (12" x 8") $75.00

Packard Motor Car Company, Michigan, 1950s: Share certificate with vignette of Athena flanked by two muscular workers. James W. Packard bought a defective "Winton" in 1898 and built his first car in 1899 to improve upon it. The motor car company he formed in 1903 soon became famous for its "Model L", featuring the classic Packard radiator. After producing luxury cars for more than 50 years, the company finally merged with the Studebaker Corporation in 1954.
Punch cancelled. VF+
No. 0979 Grey (12" x 8") $60.00

Pan American World Airways, Inc., Delaware, 1950s: Share certificate with vignette of a bald eagle spreading its wings over the hemispheres, flanked by allegorical characters. This company was chartered by Juan Terry Trippe in 1927 as Aviation Corporation of the Americas. Under his leadership, it inaugurated the first international air service between Havana (Cuba) and Key West (FL) in 1928. By the time it became known as Pan American Airways in 1931, the company had already become the largest air transport company in the world. Punch cancelled with facsimile signature of J. T. Trippe as president.
No. 2285 Grey (12" x 8") $60.00

Pan Motor Company, Delaware, 1919: Share certificate with unique vignette of the "Pan" roadster flanked by company logos. The Pan cars, introduced by Samuel Conner Pandolfo in 1918, featured an adjustable lever allowing the seats to be made into a double bed. However, they were merely a tangible result of one of the biggest stock swindles in the history of the American car industry. Following extravagant claims of production which generated $9.5 million in capital stock sales, Pandolfo was arrested, convicted of using mail to defraud and imprisoned. The company itself only produced 737 cars in its four years in existence. Uncancelled with facsimile signature of S. C. Pandolfo as president.
Rare. VF
No. 1879 Green (11" x 8") $250.00

Shipping "Duo": Selection of two share certificates issued by major American shipping companies: Seatrain Lines, Inc. (DE, 1940s) and United States Lines Co. (NJ, 1940s). Both are beautifully engraved with navigation vignettes.
Punch cancelled. VF+
No. 2419 Blue, Orange (12" x 8") $50.00

Studebaker Corporation, New Jersey, USA, 1930s & 1940s: Share certificate with vignette of a blacksmith shoeing a horse in front of the original Studebaker shop as a child looks on. Brothers Henry and Clem Studebaker originally opened a blacksmith and wagon building shop in South Bend (IN) in 1852. Their first car, introduced in 1902, was an electric model designed by Thomas Edison. By the late 1920's, the company broke stock-car records with an outstanding performance of 25,000 miles in 25,000 minutes. The legendary "Studebakers" were produced until 1966.
Punch cancelled. VF+
Purple or Green (12"x 8") $75.00

Universal Aerial Navigation Company, Arizona, 1911: Share certificate with highly intriguing vignette of the "Gyroplane", an all metal flying machine invented by J. W. Owen. Convinced that a viable aircraft had to rise without a running start, he combined the helicopter principle to the ordinary monoplane to create his new design. The machine itself was constructed of steal and aluminum, thus avoiding the danger of burning up. A prototype was on exhibition at the St. Louis University Campus in 1912. Uncancelled with gold seal. Only 25 known to exist! VF+

Also includes a quality reproduction of a four-page technical letter explaining the specifications of the Gyroplane.
No. 1074 Black & Green (11" x 8") $1,000.00

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