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Leisure & Communication Stock and Bond Certificates

AT&T Trio, New York, USA: Selection of three certificates from the telecommunication giant: Common shares featuring Alexander Graham Bell (1960s), 4% Convertible Preferred shares with angel holding lightning bolts (1970s) and 8% Debenture bond depicting a lady using a pay phone (1970s).
Cancelled in the back. VF
No. 2144 Green, Blue, Red (12" x 8") $65.00

The Hollywood Trio - Buy all three and save $10.00!

Columbia Pictures Corporation, New York, 1960's: Share certificate with vignette of the well-known maiden featured at the beginning of all movies produced by this famous company. Established in 1924, this corporation merged into the Coca-Cola Company in 1982.
No. 0044 Brown (12"x 8") $25.00

Paramount Pictures Corporation New York, 1960s: Share certificate with vignette of allegorical characters resting on the company's well-known logo. Originally chartered as the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation in 1916, this motion picture giant took the title name in 1949 and merged into Gulf & Western Industries, Inc. in 1966.
No. 0130 Green (12"x 8") $25.00

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, 1970s: $1,000 Debenture bond certificate featuring a maiden walking through the mountains on top and the company's well-known logo centered on the left border. Formed in 1935 by the merger of Joseph Schenck's Twentieth Century Pictures and William Fox's Fox Film Corporation, this famous motion picture studio introduced the "big screen" with CinemaScope in 1957.
Punch cancelled. VF+
No. 1183 Blue (12" x 8") $25.00

The Hollywood Trio - Buy all three and save $10.00!
No. 1771 Brown, Green, Blue (12" x 8") $65.00

Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America New Jersey, 1910s: Share certificate with vignette of allegorical character holding judicial scales, flanked by hemispheres linked with wireless transmission towers. Formed by Guglielmo Marconi, Prof. Flemming and Thomas Edison in 1899, this company pioneered wireless communications when it successfully transmitted the first transatlantic signal in 1901.
Stamp cancelled. VF
No. 1322 Blue (12"x 8") $85.00

Orbital Science Corporation, Delaware, USA, 1996: Impressive full color share certificate with detailed representation of the solar system. Established in 1982, this high-tech company is committed to the design and production of low-cost "micro-space" products and services. Limited availability as company changed the design of its certificates in 1999.
Uncancelled. EF
Full Color (12"x 8") $85.00

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