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Mining Stock and Bond Certificates

Arizona Commercial Mining Co., Maine, USA, 1920s: Share certificate with detailed vignette of miners using a pneumatic drill to retrieve minerals. Established in 1912, this company operated a copper mine near Globe (AZ).
Punch and stamp cancelled. VF
Green (12" x 8") $50.00

Bertha & Edith Gold Mining Company, New York, 1878: Fine vellum share certificate with detailed vignette of early prospectors operating sluice boxes. Interesting name for a frontier mine where women were as precious as gold itself!
Uncancelled. VF+
No. 1075 Black (10" x 7") $120.00

Canadian Mining "Duo": Selection of two certificates issued by large Canadian mining ventures: Dome Mines Limited (ON, 1940s) and Laval-Quebec Mines, Limited (QC, 1920s). Both feature the same vignette of underground miners using pneumatic drills!
First item is punch cancelled and the other one is uncancelled. VF
No. 2418 Brown, Blue (12" x 8") $50.00

Carnation Gold Mining & Milling Company, Colorado, 1902: Share certificate with vignette depicting three smoking mining operations deep in the Colorado mountains. Organized in 1896, this company held claims in the famous "Cripple Creek" mining district.
Uncancelled with gold seal and documentary stamp. VF
No. 0301 Gold & Black (11" x 7") $75.00

Chino Copper Company, 1920s: Share certificate featuring a young maiden on the upper left side and ornate lettering. Chartered in 1909, this company held 2,401 acres of land in the central mining district, near Santa Rita (NM). Controlled by the Guggenheim interests, it was closely connected with the Utah Copper Co. and the Ray Consolidated Copper Co.
Punch and stamp cancelled. VF
No. 2165 Green (11" x 7") $50.00

Copper King of Arizona, West Virginia, USA, 1900s: Share certificate with decorative border. This famous Arizona company operated a prosperous copper mine in the Bisbee area, Cochise County (AZ).
Uncancelled with red seal. Scarce. VF
Green & Orange (10" x 8") $75.00

Golden Cycle Mining & Reduction Company, West Virginia, USA, 1910s: Share certificate with impressive vignette of the company's facilities. Based in Colorado Springs (CO), this company was known as the "largest cyanide mill in the U.S.", with a daily capacity of 1,200 tons.
Punch cancelled. VF
Brown (11" x 9") $65.00

Homestake Mining Company California, 1900s: Share certificate with very attractive vignette of Mohawk Indians observing the colonization of their territory. Chartered in 1877 by a group of wealthy Californian financiers including George Hearst and Lloyd Tevis, Homestake remains one of the most prolific gold producing company as it still operates its original mine in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Stamp cancelled. VF
No. 0484 Red (11" x 7") $65.00

Nevada-Utah Mines & Smelters Corporation, Maine, USA, 1900s: Share certificate with detailed vignette of a large mining operation. This conglomerate owned extensive properties including mines such as the "Pioche" (near Pioche, NV), the "Last Chance" (Bingham mining district, UT) and the "Comet" mine (near Frisco, Beaver County, UT).
Uncancelled. VF
Green (11" x 8") $50.00

Penn Anthracite Coal Company Pennsylvania, 1889: Highly attractive $1,000 Gold Bond certificate with engraved vignette of a smelting operation. Based in Pittsburgh, this company operated several coal mines throughout Pennsylvania.
Uncancelled with coupon sheet. VF+
No. 0638 Orange (10" x 15") $75.00

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