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Scripophily Gallery: Old stock and bond certificates from the world of finance
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Scripophily Gallery: Old stock and bond certificates from the transportation industry

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Showcasing the artwork of old stock and bond certificates

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Financial Stock and Bond Certificates

The Anglo California National Bank of San Francisco USA., 1940s: Beautiful share certificate with large vignette featuring the company's San Francisco headquarter flanked by allegorical female characters, with urban and rural scenes in the background. This banking institution merged into the Crocker First National Bank in 1956.
Stamp cancelled. VF
No. 0981 Green (12" x 8") $50.00

Colonial Finance Corporation, Delaware, USA, 1920s: Share certificate with unusual side vignette of an American soldier ready to fight for independence. Based in New York City (NY), this financial institution was organized in 1919.
Uncancelled. VF
Brown (11" x 8") $50.00

Louisiana Baby Bonds, State of Louisiana, USA, 1876: Sheet of four small bearer bond certificates nicknamed "Baby Bonds" because of their size and the vignette of a little girl appearing on the right hand side. Totaling two million dollars, this issuance was authorized with the intent of refunding previous issues which had been embezzled during the corrupted era of the "Louisiana Reconstruction".

In the 1880s, suspicious officials discovered that the State Treasurer, Ed Bunker, had used the original plates to reprint the bonds with identical numbers at least three times. About $300,000 of these counterfeited Baby Bonds were found in the treasurer's personal safety box, while he was traveling with yet another $420,000 worth of securities. Escaping from Louisiana, Bunker settled in Brazil where he owned and operated a railroad company.
Uncancelled with coupons and signature of Ed Burke. VF+
No. 0941 Black & Red (12" x 8") $65.00

Investors Overseas Services (I.O.S.) Canada, 1960s: Share certificate with eagle medallion and overprint of the company's infamous logo. Founded by Bernard Cornfeld, this mutual fund company controlled, at one time, more than $2.3 billion in assets and employed 3,000 persons in Geneva, Switzerland. It was also responsible for thousands of salesmen worldwide and became known for its lavish receptions.

Robert Vesco, who had gained control of the company by the late 1960s, was accused of embezzlement in 1971 and his notorious swindle left I.O.S. bankrupt in 1973. Even today, I.O.S. remains the second largest international fraud!
Uncancelled. Scarce. VF
No. 2420 Black (12" x 8") $75.00

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