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Scripophily Gallery: Old stock and bond certificates from the world of finance
Scripophily Gallery: Old stock and bond certificates from the international arena
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Scripophily Gallery: Old stock and bond certificates from the mining industry
Scripophily Gallery: Old stock and bond certificates issued by railroads
Scripophily Gallery: Old stock and bond certificates from the transportation industry

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International Stock and Bond Certificates

Austria - Red Cross Loan of 1882: Ornate share certificate featuring the Austrian Red Cross emblem on top and female warriors on the sides. Also includes intricate bottom vignettes depicting a horse-drawn ambulance delivering wounded soldiers and the main room of a Red Cross hospital.
Stamp cancelled. VF
No. 1245 Red & Black (13" x 8") $75.00

Banana du Rio Grande, France, 1913: Large share certificate with impressive full-page vignette depicting natives working in the fields and loading banana boats. Based in Paris, this company operated a banana plantation in Nicaragua.
Uncancelled with coupons. VF
No. 0237 Yellow & Black (12"x 15") $95.00

Banque Industrielle de Chine, China, 1920: Large share certificate beautifully decorated with chinese dragons and pagodas on top and vignette depicting the city of Shanghai at the bottom. This French bank operated in China until it went bankrupt in the early 1920s. Restablished under Mao in 1949, it became the first foreign bank allowed to do business in the People's Republic of China.
Uncancelled with coupons. Scarce. VF+
No. 2164 Yellow, Orange & Red (12" x 15") $120.00

Bolivia Republic - Gold Bond of 1922: $1000 debenture gold bond with vignette of the Bolivian coat-of-arms flanked by allegorical characters. This loan was authorized by the president of the Republic of Bolivia and sponsored by the Equitable Trust Company of New York. Includes facsimile signature of Juan Bautista Saavedra as president and coupons.
Uncancelled. Scarce. VF
Green (10" x 15") $125.00

Chemins de Fer Ethiopiens, France, 1899: Ornate share certificate featuring a detailed vignette of a camel caravan waiting for an approaching train. Also includes mosaic borders with lion on the upper right. Design attributed to French painter Louis Charles Bombled. This company was formed to build a network of railroad lines in Ethiopia going from the Red Sea at Djibouti to Entotto, Kaffa and the White Nile.
Uncancelled with coupons. Rare. VF
No. 1565 Brown & Beige (13" x 17") $500.00

China - Patriotic Aviation Bonds, 1941: Small $10 debenture bond with central vignette depicting a fighter plane ready for action. This bond was issued to raise five million dollars to purchase 100 P-40 aircrafts from the U.S.
Uncancelled. EF
Brown (8" x 4") $65.00

Hidroelectrica Espanola, S.A. Spain, 1965: Beautiful share certificate with impressive vignette depicting water power being transformed into horsepower through electrical generation. Chartered in 1907, this hydroelectric company was based in Madrid, Spain.
Uncancelled with red wax seal and coupons on three sides. VF+
Yellow (14" x 16") $65.00

Mexico Tramways Company, Canada, 1920s: Beautiful share certificate with streetcar medallion and detailed vignette of the Mexico City Cathedral. Features text in English, French and Spanish. This Canadian company operated the Mexico Metropolitain tramway system.
Punch and stamp cancelled. VF
Purple (11" x 15") $65.00

Russia - Imperial Gold Loan of 1916: $1,000 bond displaying the Romanoff coat-of-arms flanked by allegorical female characters. This loan was sponsored by the sponsored by the National City Bank of New York.
Uncancelled with coupons. Scarce. VF
Green (7" x 12") $150.00

Russia - War Loan of 1915: 5% bond certificate for 100 rubles with impressive vignette of a Russian matriarch holding a sword and the Romanoff shield surrounded by implements of war. This loan was authorized by Tsar Nicolas II during World War I to refurbish the imperial army and strengthen its European strategic positions.
Uncancelled with coupons on the side. VF
No. 0676 Brown (18" x 14") $65.00

S. A. Agricole de Sebikhotane, Belgium, 1899: Share certificate with detailed rendition of the main building and animal pen of the company's plantation at the bottom along with a top banner showing a field being cultivated by steam tractors. Chartered in 1898 to acquire land north of Dakar in Senegal, this company planned to grow rubber, indigo, tobacco and groundnuts from a property made of a forest, marsh and grassland. Rare occurrence of a Belgian company working in a French colony.
Uncancelled with coupons on the right. Scarce. VF+
Blue (11" x 18") $200.00

Union Cinematographique, Belgium, 1920: Bright and vivid share certificate with intricate border featuring the Belgium coat-of-arms lit by oil lamps at the bottom, electric lamps on the sides and globes entangled in young girls' hair in the corners. This early entertainment company operated cinemas and distributed films throughout Belgium.
Uncancelled with coupons. EF
Blue & Yellow (9" x 14") $75.00

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