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Railroad Stock and Bond Certificates

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Company (Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan Rwy. Division) Ohio & Indiana, 1891: Ornate $1,000 First Mortgage Gold Bond certificate with vignette of a horseman watching a steam locomotive crossing a bridge. This division of the "Big Four" operated the 204 mile railroad line between Benton Harbor, Michigan, and Rushville, Indiana.
Punch cancelled with coupons. VF
No. 0326 Red (10" x 15") $75.00

Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada, 1900s & 1910: "First Preference Stock" certificate printed on very fine paper and issued in London, England. Founded in 1850, this venture was the first large railroad company to operate in the British colony of Canada and was instrumental in the early development of the territory. Its original line covered the very popular Quebec-Montreal-Toronto link.
Uncancelled. VF
No. 0458 Blue (9" x 6") $50.00
No. 0459 Green (9" x 6") $50.00
No. 0461 Yellow (9" x 6") $50.00

Kona & Kau Railway Company, Hawaii, 1902: First Mortgage Gold Bond certificate with vignette of a steam train crossing the Hawaiian countryside. This company intended to operate a line between the city of Kona and the district of Kau on the "Big Island" of Hawaii. However, the project was abandoned before the completion of the road bed for the track.
Uncancelled with coupons. Very rare. VF
No. 0521 Green (9" x 16") $200.00

The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company, Michigan, 1897: Splendid $1000 Gold Bond certificate featuring a portrait of William K. Vanderbilt Jr. flanked by speeding locomotives. Also includes a large underprint of Mercury walking through the clouds. Consolidated in 1869, this company operated a 540 mile line from Buffalo, New York, to Chicago, Illinois, along with divisions and leases covering an additional 900 miles.
Punch cancelled with coupons. VF
No. 0527 Green (10" x 15") $75.00

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway Company, Minnesota, USA, 1924: $1000 Gold Note certificate with impressive vignette of a train crossing a field harvested with steam tractors. Organized in 1888, this company operated the 778 mile line linking Sault Ste. Marie (MI) to Boynton (Dakota).
Cancelled with partial coupons. VF
Orange (10" x 15") $75.00

Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company, New York, USA, 1883: Ornate share certificate with vignette of grazing cattle with cowboy and ranch house in the background. Organized in 1870 as the consolidation of four railroads, this company operated a total of 1,386 miles of tracks, with its main line going from Hannibal (MO) to Taylor (TX).
Punch and stamp cancelled. VF
Green (12" x 8") $65.00

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The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company, Maryland, 1930s: Share certificate featuring the original "Tom Thumb" locomotive pulling stagecoach cars. Chartered in 1827, this long-lived company is considered as the first railroad venture to operate in the U.S.
Punch cancelled. VF+
No. 1300 Brown (11" x 7") $30.00

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Pennsylvania, 1960s: Share certificate with vignette featuring two passenger trains meeting on the famous Horseshoe Curve in the Alleghenies, flanked by allegorical male characters. Chartered in 1846 to preserve the competitive position of Philadelphia against New York and Baltimore, this railroad company soon expended into all parts of Pennsylvania and beyond.
Punch cancelled. VF+
No. 0131 Green (12" x 8") $20.00
No. 0132 Orange (12" x 8") $20.00

Reading Company, Pennsylvania, 1960s: Share certificate with vignette depicting a diesel locomotive pulling cars through a large industrial site, flanked by allegorical male characters. Established as the Philadelphia & Reading RR in 1833, this company had been dominating the coal trade for more than 30 years before it was reorganized by J. P. Morgan under the title name in 1897. The new holding company controlled a network known as the "Reading Lines" expending as far south as Cape May, New Jersey, and as far north as Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Punch cancelled. VF+
No. 1015 Orange (12" x 8") $25.00
No. 1016 Red (12" x 8") $25.00

Monopoly "Trio" - Buy all three and save $10.00!
No. 0028 Brown, Green, Red (12" x 8") $65.00

The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company, New York, 1898: $1000 Gold Bond certificate with impressive vignette of a speeding train passing a busy harbor. Controlled by the Vanderbilt family, this company operated a main line of 442 miles linking New York City to Buffalo, New York. It became know as the New York Central RR in 1914.
Cancelled with coupon. VF
No. 0601 Orange (10" x 15") $85.00

Vandalia Railroad Company, Indiana-Illinois, USA, 1907: Impressive share certificate with large locomotive vignette flanked by personifications of war and peace. This company was chartered in 1904 as the consolidation of the St. Louis, Vandalia & Terre Haute RR, Terre Haute & Indianapolis RR, Terre Haute & Logansport Rwy, Logansport & Toledo Rwy and Indiana & Vincennes RR.
Stamp and punch cancelled. Scarce. VF
Brown (12" x 8") $95.00

West Shore Railroad Company, New York, 1950: Elegant $1000 First Mortgage Bond certificate with large bottom vignette featuring the private yacht of the Vanderbilt family anchored at Fishkill Landing, on the Hudson River. Initially authorized in 1885, this gold bond was secured on the 450 mile line extending from New York to Buffalo (NY). The property itself was leased to the New York Central & Hudson River RR.
Punch cancelled. VF
Red (14" x 9") $50.00

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