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Old Stock and Bond Certificates Can Make You Rich!

When good old Uncle Joe died and named you as his sole heir, you never thought much of it. He had been a frugal and modest man all his life, and most of his belongings could fit in a suitcase. This explains your surprise when you found an old, wrinkled certificate stuck in a dusty shoe box. Unfortunately, you lost your hope of immediate fortune when you realized that your "new" investment amounted to only 5 shares in the Haloid Company dating back to 1910.

Not knowing what to do, you decide to ask your broker if your stock certificate has any value. It was a shot in the dark, so you're not too surprised when he tells you that this obscure company is not currently trading on any stock exchanges, and, therefore, it probably went bankrupt. As a result, your document is quickly declared worthless...

Is this the end of the line? Should you throw away the certificate?

Xerox stock certificate

Think again! Further financial investigations would reveal that the Haloid Company, originally chartered in 1906, changed its name in 1958 to operate as Haloid Xerox, Inc. The latter company was then reorganized as the Xerox Corporation in 1961.

The real good news, however, comes from the capital changes spanning more than 90 years... The 5 shares bought by Uncle Joe for less than $100.00 in 1910 have since grown to an amazing 243,000 shares of the Xerox Corporation, worth close to 2.5 million dollars!

The truth is, don't assume that your old securities are valueless just because you don't know what happened to the issuing company. Our four decades of research work have proven consistently that knowledge is power... and a good investigation can help revive an old investment seemingly worthless! Don't take our word for it, read the testimonials from our clients.

XEROX Capital Growth
1910 Initial Investment 5 Shares
1923 200% Stock Dividend 15 Shares
1928 400% Stock Dividend 75 Shares
1936 3 for 1 Stock Split 225 Shares
1955 3 for 1 Stock Split 675 Shares
1959 4 for 1 Stock Split 2,700 Shares
1964 5 for 1 Stock Split 13,500 Shares
1969 3 for 1 Stock Split 40,500 Shares
1996 3 for 1 Stock Split 121,500 Shares
1999 2 for 1 Stock Split 243,000 Shares

Since 1969, our research efforts have helped investors recover millions of dollars from old stocks and bonds thought to be worthless!
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